The Puppies - Summer 2017

June 18th was Father's Day, the Puppies made a "Number One Dad" Father's Day card. They also made Picture Frame for the Father's Day gift to their Dads. I hope all the Dads enjoyed their gifts and the cards! The June bulletin board was decorated in honor of Father's Day. The Puppies made " Best Day Trophy."

The Summer Theme for the school was " Children around the world". We learned six countries. It was America, France, Philippine, Japan, China and Mexico. The students learned different cultures and explored different kinds of food from these six countries. Each class represented a country. Our Puppies class represented Japan. Each week we learned one country. We made flags and hats for the country. Each Friday we wore the hats and held the flags and had a parade outside the school. The students really had fun to have a parade every week.

On August 4th, the school had a "Children Around the World Carnival" to wrap up our lessons. That day Giraffes wore the America hats to sing " God bless America" song. Hippos wore the French hats to sing a French song. Pandas wore the Philippines hat to perform a " Bamboo Dance." Our Puppies wore Japanese hats to perform " Japanese Fan Dance." Penguins wore Royal Chinese hat to sing a "Chinese Jasmine Song." And Bunnies sang a " Mexican Song."

The most fun part of the Carnival was "Hitting the Pinata". We put some rice crackers inside the Pinata, then the children took turns hitting the Pinata. It almost took a hundred hits to break the Pinata. The children were so excited to pick up the rice crackers. After the performance and the game, we had International food buffet for our lunch. "American Hot Dog on Toasted Buns" was made by Giraffes class. " France Turkey & Swiss Crepe" was made by Hippos class. " Philippine Corn Milk Shake" was made by Pandas class. "Japanese Cold Noodles" was made by our Puppies class. "Chinese Beef & Egg Fried Rice" was made by Penguins class. "Mexican Cheese Quesadilla" was made by Bunnies class. The children were excited to taste different kinds of food from different countries. All the children and teachers really enjoyed the program and the food. That day we really had a wonderful time, mainly eating delicious foods!