The Puppies - April 2017 Update

On February 14th, we had a celebration for Valentine's Day. I made heart shaped Jello for our class snack, and some students brought in some snacks to share. My Puppies really enjoyed the special snacks! I taught my Puppies that Valentine's Day is a good time to show our love to the ones we love and the ones who love us. We can give them cards, gifts, or say " I love you" to them to show our love. I helped the Puppies use their hand prints to make Valentine's cards, and they cut two foamy heart shapes and use tissue paper to decorate the hearts to make gifts for their parents. I helped them pass out the Valentine's cards to each other. They were so excited to put all their Valentine's cards and goodies bags in their Puppy Valentine's bags that they made.

The Puppies class decorated two bulletin boards. One was called "Munching On." The Puppies used paper bags to make monkey crafts munching on bananas and mushrooms. The other one was "Soak up the Word of the Lord." Puppies cut "Peace", "Goodness", "Kindness", "Gentleness", "Patience", "Love", "Joy", and "Self-control" rain drops for the word of the Lord to soak up the tulips craft.
In February and March, the Puppies learned about Letters M, N, and O. Some of the highlights for our curriculum were Marble Painting, Noodles Painting and Oil Painting for our Creative Art activity. For our Science activity, we had Mirror for them to explore. They had so much fun to look at the Mirror to make different expression on their face. For the Letter N , Puppies used their nose to explore different kind of smell . For the Letter O, I showed them "Oil and Water" can not mix together. We also made instant Oatmeal for our Cooking activity. I wonder only few kids like to eat the Oatmeal. For the Dramatic Play Activity, Puppies pretended that they were nurses. We used stuff animals to be patients to let the children to take care. They really had fun pretending to be the nurses. I am glad that the children learned a lot through the different activities.