The Puppies - Winter 2017

This year, our school had a Thanksgiving celebration on November 21. That day the Puppies dressed like Indians. They wore the Indian headbands, macaroni necklaces and used their handmade Cornucopia place mats to eat the Thanksgiving lunch. We want to thank Miss Mary and Pastor Will who bought us a big turkey, Miss Tiana who baked the ham, the Pandas class who baked the yam, the Giraffes class who made the corn bread, the Hippos class who cut the green beans, the Penguins class and the Bunnies class who made the pumpkin bread, and our Puppies class who made the finger jello. We all enjoyed the wonderful Thanksgiving lunch, and we took a lot of pictures to remember this special event! The Puppies made the Turkey Thanksgiving cards for their parents to say thank you. They also made big turkey crafts for " We give thanks" bulletin board.

In December 2017, the Puppies class did many projects. They made Christmas ornament crafts for our "Joy to the world" bulletin board. They used their hand prints to make "Christmas tree" Christmas cards and " Snowman" door hangers as Christmas gift for their parents. They also made the hand prints Christmas Wreaths to bring home as house decoration.

Before our Winter break, the school had a Christmas Party. Each class took turns to perform in front of a lively Christmas tree which was Everett's daddy dressed up like a Christmas tree. Our Puppies sang "Do you smell the ginger bread". After singing, we took class pictures and hung the snowman ornaments on the lively Christmas tree. The most exciting moment was the gift exchange. Each child was so excited to unwrap their gifts. Thank you Miss Mary for the special lunch ( chicken nuggets and french fries). All of us had a fun and wonderful time! I hope that the children will remember that Jesus's love is the real meaning of Christmas!