The Puppies - June 2017 Update

"Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures" (Corinthians 15:3-4) This was our Bible Verse in April. During Circle time, I taught my Puppies the true meaning of Easter. The most fun activity in April was dyeing the Easter eggs. The Puppies decorated the hard boiled eggs with stickers and picked their favorite colors to dye their eggs. The color of the eggs turned out very pretty! they were so excited to take the Easter eggs home in the pretty baskets that they made in class!

For our bulletin board, the Puppies made "Jesus gives new life" The Wings of the chicken were Easter egg shells. the chicken can hide inside the Easter eggs. They also made " Easter Lily with a cross" Easter cards to give to their parents.

In April, the school had a Easter Carnival to celebrate Easter! Thank you Pastor Will for sharing the true meaning of Easter to the children and the parents, and also thank you Miss Mary for providing a lot of prizes, balloons, and special snacks for the children. That day we had Egg Hunt, Face Painting, Wheel of Fortune, Hopscotch, Treasure Hunt, Egg Fishing, and Bowling for the children to play. All of the children had a good time!

May 14 was Mother's Day and the children made some Rose crafts to decorate our class bulletin board " Mom help us bloom! " I also helped the Puppies make gifts and cards for their Moms. The gift was a frame with their foot prints and a poem "Please walk slower, Mommy." said a child so small. " I'm walking in your foot steps and I don't want to fall! " The Mother's day card was made from their hand prints. I traced their hands and had them cut out their hand prints, flowers, and flower pots and glued them on a card. The Mother's day card also had a poem that say " Like a flower you love, and watch me grow. Thank for everything you do. I'm glad my mom is the extra special you! " Through the gifts and cards, I want my Puppies to learn how to appreciate their Mom's love and learn how to express their love to their Moms. I hope all my Puppies' Moms loved their gifts and the cards!