Pandas - Spring 2018

Happy 2018 and welcome back to our Pandas blog! There have been so many exciting activities going on since the beginning of the new year and we are excited to share them with you!

The first activity for the new year was to celebrate Valentine's Day! The Pandas made sure to show their love to their family as they crafted a Valentine's Day card for their parents in the shape of a hedgehog and a potted plant which they painted, cut, and assembled. The Pandas also made Valentine's Day cards for their friends which they made at home and passed out on Valentine's Day. The day was jam-packed with fun activities such as a partner dance, special treats, and a party!

Just a few days later we were ready for another celebration, Chinese New Year! Time to celebrate the Year of the Dog! We made paper lanterns, hats, headpieces, and wore our Chinese outfits to celebrate the new year. All the children learned Chinese songs and dances which they were able to perform in front of all of their parents and friends. The children also got to experience Chinese opera and ate delicious Chinese snacks provided by the parents. We ended the celebration with a lion dance which we started first by class and then the parents were invited to join in. It was so much fun!

Our last celebration for these few months was the Easter Carnival! The Pandas and all the children have been excited for this event since we mentioned it because it was an afternoon full of games and prizes! We had an egg hunt, face painting, egg fishing, bowling, football toss, and prizes. All the parents were able to join their child as they went through all these different activities and all the children left the carnival with stickers, balloons, prizes, and lots of great memories.

We truly have been blessed by the children as we see them grow, learn, build friendships, and gain more self-confidence. I cannot believe that the year is almost over! It's now practice time as we are getting ready for our graduation and promotion program and we cannot wait to showcase their talents. Let's get ourselves ready for that day where we can celebrate our pride and joy, the children! Hope to see you all there!

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