The Pandas - April 2017 Update

It's the love month of February and the Pandas spent our time sharing about the love we have for God, our family, our friends, and our neighbors and how we show them that we love them. We were busy making crafts such as Panda bags for our goodies, Valentine's day cards and gifts for our parents, and Valentine's day cards and small goodies for our friends. Thanks to all the parents who helped their child with their Valentine's day cards. It was great to see their faces glow as they shared their special cards and goodies to their friends. They were so excited and happy! Of course, we also had to share the love on our bulletin board. The theme of our bulletin board was "Owl Always Love You" as the Pandas made red and pink heart shaped owls.

We were also able to cover letters L & M and numbers 15 & 16. For the letter L, we learned about ladybugs and painted them in their habitats. For the letter M, we learned about monkeys, maracas, and mosaics. For the monkey craft, the Pandas colored a paper plate brown and cut and pasted the different parts of its face on the plate. For the maracas, we decorated the outside of an Easter egg and filled it with macaroni. Afterwards, we put the Easter egg in between two plastic spoons and taped it together with decorative tape. For the mosaic, I gave the Pandas the freedom to use whatever materials they would like to make their own patterns. There was string, stickers, foamies, popcorn, tissue paper, etc. and they had a lot of fun making it.

In the month of March, we got to celebrate the new season of spring on March 20! We discussed how spring is when there is rainfall and then the plants grow. This was depicted in our March bulletin board as we made flowers out of our palm prints using paint. We also cut out leaves for our tree and made birds out of construction paper to celebrate spring. Aside from our spring madness, we also covered letters N, O, and P and numbers 17 & 18. For cooking with the letter N, we made a nest out of crunchy noodles, ham, mayonnaise, and lettuce. For the letter O, we talked about the ocean and the octopus that lives in the ocean. We made an octopus craft using cheerios and construction paper as well as an octopus out of carrots, peaches, and raisins for cooking. For the first week with the letter P, we made parachutes out of paper plates and peach pie. The second week of letter P will be covered in April.
Aside from our letters and numbers, we also started practicing for our upcoming graduation ceremony. Time flies by so fast and graduation is on its way. The children have been learning new songs and dances and are excited to share them with you soon. Please look forward to it and see you next time!




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