The Pandas - Summer 2017 Update

Welcome back everyone! 

In the first couple weeks of June, we wrapped up learning about our alphabet with the letters Y & Z and did what most people do in the summer, TRAVEL!! We traveled around the world with our handy dandy passports and visited the countries of France, Philippines, Japan, China, Mexico, and of course our very own USA. Each week we had an expert tour guide (our teachers) start with an opening ceremony letting us know everything about the country from culture, food, traditions, language, famous tourist attractions, as well as clothing. It was not only the children who had fun traveling the world but also the teachers. Each week, the teachers would celebrate the end of our journey in a particular country by wearing an article of clothing that the country is known for. An example would be a beret for France, a filipiniana for Philippines, a kimono for Japan, a qipao for China, and a traditional Mexican dress for Mexico.

After the introduction of each country, the children would cut out the stamps of each country and paste them into their passports with the dates to let them know how long their stay is allowed. With the passports stamped, we dove right into the country and learned some basic phrases in each country such as "Good Morning", "Thank You", "You're Welcome," and "Goodbye". These phrases would be emphasized throughout the week and we are so happy to hear the children speak some of the words we have taught them until now. I know I enjoy hearing the children tell me "Salamat po" which means "Thank you" in the Philppines.

Aside from learning phrases, we also taught them how to make some simple recipes that each country is known for such as Udon (Japan), Halo-Halo (Philippines), croissants (France), lettuce wrap (China), etc. We also made it a point to have the children make the flag for each country and let them know what it stands for as well as a hat to represent each country. These two items were used to celebrate the end of our travel in a country as we paraded outside the school with our hats and flags. The children were so excited as they waved their flags and would use the simple phrases that they have learned. I think that the parade was the highlight of the week because the children could not hide their excitement outside.

The country that the Pandas were assigned with was the Philippines and the Pandas made the national animal, the carabao, as well as the salakot which is a traditional hat from the Philippines used for farming to protect them from the sun. They also learned about Bahay Kubo or in English the Nipa Hut which is a traditional Filipino house. I think one of their favorite things to learn about the Philippines was their national fruit which is the mango. So yummy!! Our bulletin board reflected what we had learned with our Bahay Kubo, Mango Tree, and rice fields.

To end our travel around the world, we had a party where each class had a presentation to represent their country whether it be in dance, songs, or poems. The Pandas learned a simple traditional dance of the Philippines which is called tinikling or the bamboo dance. They were partnered up in pairs and danced to the sounds of the bamboo. I was so proud! After the presentation, we had a piñata party and then time for lunch! Each class made food to represent their country and our lunch went buffet style. It was a joy to see the children getting their own food and enjoying the company of each other.

Hope to see you all in our next adventure!

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