The Hippos - Winter 2017

Hello, Hippo Parents!

We had a wonderful 2017 filled with many smiles, laughs, and lots of things to learn.

As the holidays approached, Thanksgiving came and filled our hearts with thankfulness and our tummies with food. First, we readied ourselves by weaving together our placemats. We had a great time serving up some green beans for our fellow classmates. While hesitant at first, it was a huge hit and our green beans were gobbled up. We ended our time with a thank you card to our beloved parents. 

Soon after, Christmas came around and we were in full swing prepping to share our Christmas joy. While busy with the program, we whipped up some customized Christmas stockings. It was a great time to have each student share a piece of themselves for Christmas. Knowing how much cooking our families would be doing, we made Christmas tree pot holders to help out a little. 

Next up, we’ll be taking on 2018! Thanks for reading. See you all on the next blog.