Hippos - Spring 2018

Hello Hippo Parents! Welcome back to our blog. 
The Hippos have been eating their way through the alphabet! We’ve been using our fine motor skills to make some delicious snacks. Here are some of the yummy memories we’ve made.

Chinese New Year was a blast! The students had a great time making their head pieces. We also got to join in the lunchtime fun by cutting up lettuce and mushrooms. 
Valentine’s Day was a sweet occasion. The Hippos wrote love letters to their parents. They also made bags to receive some love letters of their own from their fellow Hippos! To top off the day, they enjoyed some yummy Valentine’s themed jello.
The Hippos and Pandas celebrated our 100th day of school together. There was a yummy snack party and balloons to ring in the 100th day.
Easter was a time to talk about God’s love for us. The Hippos made their own mosaic crosses with water color. They also made Easter baskets to bring home.