The Hippos - Summer 2017

Hello, Hippo Family and Friends!

The Hippos has had an eventful summer full of learning and fun. We graduated, finished up our ABC's, celebrated our dad's, and "traveled" the world! Here are some highlights from June through August.

Super, super, super Dads! The Hippos had the honor of decorating two boards for June. Since our students are great fans of dad, they drew them as they view them-- superheroes! Some of our students got extra creative drawing on bigger muscles. To quote our Hippo, Zoe, "My dad has BIG muscles! He can carry the whole school!" 

The students also made the formula for creates a good father like their own. They creatively drew scenarios where they saw their dad's shine the most. Our dad's are definitely awesome!

Did you know the Hippos do circle time with a ukulele? After months watching Ms. Krissel, it was time for the students to get their hands on it. They learned how to play a C chord. Next, we'll be learning the A-minor chord.

Finishing up the alphabet, the Hippos got to make their very own yo-yos! Learning should be fun, so "Y" not? The students also got a chance to practice their motor skills twirling the string around the center and moving their arms widely to have the yo-yo go up and down. 

The Hippos also made some candied yams. Though hesitant at first, they all finished their plates and asked for seconds! It was definitely a success. We encourage you to try making them at with your Hippo. 

Next, we packed our Hippo bags and set off to travel. We started in our home of the United States. Hula dancing in Hawaii, traveling the Midwest, and our beautiful city of San Francisco were a few stops we made. The Hippos also got to munch on some hot dogs along the way. 

Bonjour from France! The Hippos enjoyed the beautiful lights and sights of the Eiffel Tower. They also made police hats, mustaches, and flowers for our parade. 

The next destination was the Philippines! Ms. Kimberly guided us through this beautiful, tropical country. We got to taste a Filipino dessert called "halo-halo" and make our own "salukot" hats. The kids have also been saying "Salamat, po" to this day. It means thank you in Tagalog. 

Ms. Eva taught us about Japan! The Hippos got to explore all the beautiful crafting and music. They also got a delicious taste of Japan with udon noodles.

The week after, the Hippos said sayonara to Japan and "ni hao" to China. They got a chance to be part of royalty, making king and queen hats. The students got to partake in making and eating some yummy lettuce wraps!

Lastly, we landed in Mexico to explore its beauty. Ms. Mei Mei met us there to share about it. The Hippos formed their own mariachi band by making guitars and sombreros. Then, we ended our week with a celebration of our travels.

Thanks for keeping up with the Hippos! We look forward to seeing you on the next blog.