The Penguins - Summer 2017

Parents, welcome to the blog of August! 

Our summer theme for this year is to travel around the world. In the past 6 weeks, we introduced and learned different things from 6 courtiers: The United States, France, the Philippines, Japan, China and Mexico. Each class represents one country. Every Monday each class presented some thing or stories which are well known in the country. Teachers who are in charge of a class prepared well-represented materials and introduced the language, culture, currency and food of the country, and students were having fun and felt interested in learning. After six weeks of study, many children have learned to say good morning and thank you in six languages.

Penguins represented the country of China. We introduced giant panda bears to the Penguins since the Panda is treated as the national treasure of China.  Penguins learned that the giant pandas living in Sichuan, and pandas like to eat bamboo. We also made a giant panda bulletin board. Penguins also got to know the Great Wall and the forbidden city in Beijing. They learned that the forbidden city was the imperial palace long time ago. In addition, we have done a lot of interesting activities to learn China and its culture. Including the study of the famous Chinese children song "jasmine". Penguins like this song so much, and they can sing it all day long.

On August 4th, we had a party to celebrate the around the world theme. Every class performed a show, and we made different kinds of food from different countries for lunch.  Thank you penguins for cutting the scramble egg and make fried rice. It was very delicious. At the end of the party, we also played hitting the pinata game. It was very interesting to see the kids playing the game. Most of the kids hit it very gentle, especially the young one. It took them a long time to break the pinata, and all of them had a fun time. When they saw the rice crackers flew out of the pinata, they ran and picked them up. They all laughed and had so much fun! Thank you Miss Mary for hosting such a fun party!

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