The Penguins - June 2017 Update

In April, we celebrated Easter. First, kids pasted their favorite stickers to a hard boiled white egg, and then put the eggs into food coloring to dye the eggs with different colors. They were gently putting stickers onto the eggs to avoid any cracks, and they did great. Second, kids made Easter cards to their parents as Easter gifts. They put tissue paper onto a piece of contact paper to make a pretty cross. Third, we hold an Easter carnival at school and invited parents to come and play with their kids. Kids and parents had so much fun playing games and kids were so happy when they got their gifts. But more importantly, we were so happy to see the kids understood why we celebrate Easter that’s because Jesus die on the cross for our sin and He rose again in the third day.

In May, we celebrated Mother's Day. Penguins made cards and footprint frames as gifts to their moms. To make cards, penguins used coffee filters to make flowers and glued them on a piece of construction paper. It was very difficult for the kids to cut coffee filters since the coffee filters are very thin, but penguins really want to make beautiful cards for their mothers, and they used their little hand to hold scissors and tried their best to follow along the line to cut circles out. In addition, penguins made beautiful footprint frames for moms too. I thought my penguins might not like to put the paint on their feet, but surprisingly, all of them liked to do that. They followed my instructions and made very pretty footprint frames. I hope all the moms will be happy when they receive their gifts. Happy Mother's Day!

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