The Penguins - April 2017 Update
In February, we celebrated Valentine’s Day. Every Penguin made a very beautiful Valentine’s card and a pretty picture frame for his or her parents. They made a love bug bulletin board also. In addition, we had a party to celebrate Valentine's day. Penguins were very excited when they received their Valentine’s cards and gifts from their friends. they had fun and also learned how to care and love their friends and parents.
Academically, we learned letter M, N, O and P in February and March. We completed many different activities to fulfill our curriculum. We made mango milkshake while we were learning letter M. For letter N, we did noodle painting, we made noodle salad, and we played a smelling game with nose. I put some cinnamon, vinegar, chili sauce, and others spice into a different cups  and covered the cups with foil. The Penguins took turns to smell, and then they told me what’s inside the cups. It seemed my Penguins were not sensitive to the smell. They smelled a couple of times for each cup, but the only thing that they could tell was cinnamon. They had a lot of fun playing the smelling game. While kids were learning letter O, Penguins cooked oatmeal. Most of them liked to eat oatmeal and finished it very fast.
We also made a rainbow color tree for March. As you know kids always like rainbow. Therefore, Penguins were very happy when they saw the butterflies that they cut became a rainbow color tree.


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