The Penguins - Winter 2017

In November  we celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday. we made a handprint turkey holiday card for daddy and mommy; we also made a turkey bulletin board to decorate our Penguins' classroom. During daily circle time, Penguins would take turns to tell things and people that they were very thankful to. All my penguins were thankful to their parents. We also had a Thanksgiving lunch party to celebrate Thanksgiving. Penguins took the responsibility to bake a pumpkin bread.  I was very thankful that Penguins did a great job, the pumpkin bread was very delicious. We specially thank Ms. Mary for her Turkey dish. Penguins really enjoyed eating all the yummy food.

December is the month of the birth of Jesus Christ. In order to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our school has carried out many activities. First of all, we practiced singing and dancing for almost two months to prepare the Christmas program, and finally children had a wonderful performance in the Millbrae church. Then we held a Christmas party at school. At the beginning of the party, we were all singing Christmas songs, and then we decorated our special Christmas tree with our well prepared ornaments. The Christmas tree is not a usual Christmas tree. We invited Everett's dad to put on the Christmas tree custom to play a tree. When the children saw the tree, they were all laughing. After hanging the ornaments on the Christmas tree, we began to share the gifts. Each kid brought a small gift, and everyone gave the gift to a randomly selected friend. Children were very happy when they got their own gifts and they were so excited after they unwrap the gifts.In addition to celebrate Christmas at school, our children have made a Christmas card and an ornament for their parents. They were very carefully using their tiny hands to stick everything together to complete the gifts. We hope the parents will like the gifts.

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