The Giraffes - April 2017 Update

Hello! Welcome back to our blog! I can not believe it that the days went by so fast. We would like to share to you what happened in our class for the past 2 months. Our theme for the month of February was "LOVE". The children made a love frog holding a bag with the words, " Love bears all things," out of red and pink construction paper. On February 14th, we had our Valentine's Day celebration. Each child brought cards, goodies, little gifts to share with his/her friend. They made Valentine's  day card and gift for their parents as an expression of their love to them and Valentine's bag for their cards and goodies.

Our Bible study lesson was about the story of the good Samaritan, the lost son, and the story of Mary and Martha. We were able to cover letters Ll, Mm, and numbers 15 & 16. For letters Ll and Mm arts and crafts, the children made lady bugs out of milk caps glued on green leaves. They also made mouse and maracas. For cooking, we made lettuce wrap and mango salad. As usual, everyone enjoyed the food that they prepared.

I want to thank all the parents for taking the time to make it for the second parent-teacher conference which was held the last week of  February and the support to reinforce their learning at home.

Spring is here! March 20 was the first day of spring. For our spring bulletin board, the children painted, cut a flower shaped paper plate and beautiful butterflies out of spring colored napkins. This month, we learned 3 letters; Nn, Oo, and first week of letter Pp as well as numbers 17 & 18. To reinforce the learning of these letters the children made nests, octopus, and pecking birds. For cooking, we made bird's nest out of lettuce and crunchy chow mein, octopus salad, and peach pie.

We started practicing the songs, dances, playing the tambourine, and poems for the coming graduation and promotion program. It will be helpful if you can pick-up your child after 4:45 pm to give time to practice the part he/she has for the program. Again thank you for visiting us. See you soon!