The Giraffes - Summer 2017

Hello fellow bloggers! Welcome back to the Giraffe class blog for the months of June and July.

For the month of June, we were able to finish all the letters of the alphabet which include letters W, X, Y, & Z and numbers 23, 24, & 25. Some of the activities the children did to reinforce the learning of these letters were drawing/painting whales, walruses, making watermelon juice, X-buns, yam dessert, using egg yolk to paint their summer visor, and drawing zebras. The children also made special cards and gifts to show and express their love to their Dad.

Our summer program started last June 26. For six weeks, we were able to travel USA, FRANCE, PHILIPPINES, JAPAN, CHINA, and MEXICO. On the first day, we all gathered at the gym to launch the summer program. Each  week, we have assigned tourist guide to introduce and help us travel the assigned country. I was the first tourist guide and the country assigned to us was USA. The children were so excited when I told them we are going to travel six countries and we need to have passport and visa to be able to enter each country. They got so excited, some of the kids came to me and asked, "Are we really going to travel the world?" Each child has a passport and every Monday, they cut and glue the stamp for each country before learning about it. The children made flags and hats which they used during the Friday parade. Aside from those, they learned about well known spots, places and things. The Bible verse for this theme is found in the book of Jeremiah 1:9, " Be strong and be brave, the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

One of the goals in learning each country was to learn how to say " Good morning" and " Thank you." Good morning in French is "Bonjour", Thank you is "Merci". In Pilipino is "Magandang umaga" and " Salamat po," in Japanese is "Ohayogozaimasu" and "Arigatogozaimashita". In Chinese is "Tzao aun" and "Hsie Hsie, in Spanish is "Buenos Dias" and "Gracias".

To top all of these things was the presentation of each class about the country assigned to them and of course the delicious food that each class prepared. Everyone had a wonderful experience traveling and learning different things about the six countries. It was Fun! Fun! Fun!

Thanks for dropping by and see you soon!!!