Bunnies - Summer 2017

In July we celebrated the 4th of July! We made a beautiful bulletin board with decorative red, white, and blue balloons. We also made a patriotic star wreath to decorate our classroom. At the end of the week the entire school had a parade. We walked around the school with our flags! It was a fun experience for the entire school! We would like to thank God for protecting our country. God bless America! 

This year, our school's summer theme is travel! We visited places all around the world! The bunnies class were in charge of our visit to Mexico! We decorated our bulletin board with a big flag from Mexico! Also, we made little piñatas to decorate our school. It was so much fun to learn about Mexican culture! We learned the language (Spanish), about the money, and the food. It is very exciting to experience a culture that is different from our own.

Following the theme of summer travel, our class visited all different places around the world! We visited the United States, France, Philippines, Japan, China, and Mexico. At the end of our summer theme, each class made food from their assigned country. The Bunnies class made Quesadilla which is a flour tortilla with cheese. It was very delicious! 

We would also like to thank Miss Mary for buying such a beautiful piñata for the entire school! It was such a unique experience!

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